The Word

The Word is our weekly newsletter highlighting key health policy developments on the Hill and within the agencies.


2/8/2019: Reactions to the proposed changes to drug rebates…Health care highlights from the State of the Union…Azar’s remarks on drug prices at AcademyHealth conference.

2/1/2019: New efforts to address surprise medical bills…Senate Finance Committee’s first hearing this year on drug prices…Gottlieb’s remarks on using real world evidence in FDA clinical trials.

1/18/2019: Democrats’ concerns of shutdown’s effect on premium tax credits and marketplace enrollment…AG nominee William Barr’s health care positions…The Trump Administration’s new guidance on Medicaid.

1/11/2019: Status update on the partial government shutdown…overview of the new rules package for the 11th Congress…summary of PAHPA, Medicaid extenders.

12/20/2018: What the district court ruling in Texas means for the ACA…Recommendations for implementing Medicaid DSH cuts…The farm bill’s health care provisions.

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Need to Know

Need to Know is our high-level memo providing “need to know” background and insights on the latest policy and political issues in Washington.


11/9/2018: An overview of what to expect from Congress in 2019.

11/7/2018: A recap of results from the 2018 midterm election and charts highlighting new Democratic and Republican members of Congress plus outstanding races.

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