The Word

The Word is our weekly newsletter highlighting key health policy developments on the Hill and within the agencies.


3/27/2020: How Section 1135 waivers are helping states adapt to COVID-19…The latest hearing for the lawsuit on short-term plans…Status of pending proposed and final rules.

3/13/2020: AAF report on shortcomings of Maryland’s All-Payer Model…Overview of CMMI’s Part D Senior Savings Model.

3/6/2020: Supreme Court’s decision to review ACA for the third time…CAP report on gerrymandering’s impact on Medicaid expansion…CMMI’s selection of applicants to participate in ET3 model.

2/28/2020: The new HHS strategy to reduce EHR administrative burden…CMMI’s proposal to extend CJR model for three years…New research on role of private equity in medicine.

2/14/2020: Overview of proposed rule on MA and Part D…Highlights from BPC report on bipartisan approaches to health care reform…Possible next steps for surprise billing legislation.

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Need to Know

Need to Know is our high-level memo providing “need to know” background and insights on the latest policy and political issues in Washington.


4/1/2020: Overview of how small businesses, including some hospitals and medical practices, can access forgivable loans to make up for revenue losses related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

3/20/2020: Overview of steps taken by Congress and the Administration to waive or loosen telehealth restrictions since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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