The Word

The Word is our weekly newsletter highlighting key health policy developments on the Hill and within the agencies.


3/15/2019: President Trump’s FY 2020 budget request…RFI from CMS on selling insurance plans across state lines…New efforts to address concerns over hospital mergers and acquisitions.

3/8/2019: Republican Senators’ push to examine drug rebates…The latest Medicare-for-All proposal…A busy week of hearings on drug prices.

3/1/2019: Stakeholder feedback on proposed NBPP for 2020…New RFI on grandfathered group health plans…Recap of Azar’s State of the Department address.

2/22/2019: CMMI’s new model on emergency medical services…Overview of recently-introduced Medicare buy-in legislation…New projections on 2017-2028 health care spending.

2/15/2019: The newly proposed CMS rule to advance interoperability…Azar’s remarks on drug prices, value-based care…Summary of bipartisan bill to boost support for Medicare-funded GME.

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Need to Know

Need to Know is our high-level memo providing “need to know” background and insights on the latest policy and political issues in Washington.


11/9/2018: An overview of what to expect from Congress in 2019.

11/7/2018: A recap of results from the 2018 midterm election and charts highlighting new Democratic and Republican members of Congress plus outstanding races.

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