The Word

The Word is our weekly newsletter highlighting key health policy developments on the Hill and within the agencies.


6/18/2018: A look into DOJ’s decision to defend the ACA’s consumer protections…Alex Azar’s testimony before the Senate HELP Committee on the President’s drug pricing plan…Cuts to CHIP and CMMI in House-passed rescissions bill.

6/6/2018: A preview of the Congressional healthcare agenda for this summer…An update on projected premium increases and Medicaid expansion in the states…Key takeaways from the annual Medicare Trustees report.

5/18/2018: Status of efforts in the House and Senate to combat the opioid crisis…An overview of the Administration’s blueprint to lower drug prices…Update on states’ efforts to seek waivers for individual market and Medicaid programs.

5/10/2018: White House to unveil plan to reduce drug prices…HHS delay of 340B price ceiling rule…Significant increases in CY19 insurance premiums in early rate filings.

4/19/2018: Highlights from CBO’s Budget and Economic Outlook for 2018-2028…An executive order to explore expanding work requirements and direct reevaluation of safety net programs…New Jersey’s new law to reinstate the individual mandate penalty and fund a reinsurance pool.

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Need to Know

Need to Know is our high-level memo providing “need to know” background and insights on the latest policy and political issues in Washington.


5/30/2018: A recap of the Medicare Part B Competitive Acquisition Program that was discontinued by CMS in 2008.

5/11/2018: The Trump administration’s drug pricing plan.

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