Need To Know

5/8/2018: The White House’s initial rescissions package.

12/8/2017: A brief refresher of conference committee rules and procedures.

10/4/2017: A comparison of the FY 2018 House and Senate budget resolutions.

10/3/2017: A summary of the House health package with CHIP extension, Medicaid DSH relief, and other extensions of FY 2017 expired policies.

9/5/2017: Active health care bills in the 115th Congress.

8/4/2017: The interim report from the President’s Opioid Commission.

8/3/2017: A look at the recently-formed Problem Solvers Caucus made up of 40 Republican and Democratic House members.

7/6/2017: 12 recommendations from a recent OIG report on how HHS programs can be cut, changed, or improved.

6/28/2017: The latest on the Better Care for Reconciliation Act.

6/23/2017: A snapshot of industry and stakeholder positions on the American Health Care Act.

6/9/2017: The latest showdown over the debt ceiling.

5/23/2017: The President’s FY 2018 Budget Request, with a focus on HHS’ budget priorities.

5/10/2017: The key senators to watch in the debate over the American Health Care Act.

4/27/2017: The issues driving the drug pricing debate plus potential solutions.

3/30/2017: The health legislative agenda in 2017.

3/29/2017: A review of the ACA’s future, including Medicaid expansion, the Administration’s agenda, and Congressional efforts to repair, repeal, or replace.

2/15/2017: CBO’s scoring of the ACA and other factors influencing the health care debate.

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