The Word

The Word is our weekly newsletter highlighting key health policy developments on the Hill and within the agencies.


3/5/2021: House Democrats’ reintroduction of earmarks…Hospitals’ disappointment over insufficient funds in COVID-19 relief bill…Status of pending proposed rules.

2/26/2021: The Administration’s newest choices to lead CMS, CMMI…Merrick Garland’s health care views…Overview of Q4 2020 earnings reports among health care stakeholders.

2/19/2021: Previewing Becerra’s nomination hearings…The Administration’s first steps in rolling back work requirements…Leadership and membership of Senate Appropriations subcommittees.

2/12/2021: Democrats’ fading hopes for a $15 minimum wage…highlights from Neera Tanden’s confirmation hearings for OMB Director…Next steps in Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial.

2/5/2021: Public health experts’ calls for more vaccine resources at E&C subcommittee hearings…The rise of “gangs” in the Senate…How past presidential elections inform the 2022 Senate races.

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Need to Know

Need to Know is our high-level memo providing “need to know” background and insights on the latest policy and political issues in Washington.


4/8/2021: This Need to Know goes into detail on how the appropriations process looks for FY22 and some of the challenges that Congress may face throughout the process.

1/15/2021: This Need to Know provides and overview of how budget reconciliation works and how Democrats could apply the process in the 117th Congress.

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