Need To Know

11/20/2020: This Need to Know provides an overview of what initial distribution plans look like for a COVID-19 vaccine and the challenges facing the distribution process.

10/16/2020: This Need to Know provides a look into the various approval processes the FDA is using to evaluate COVID-19 medical products and the impact these processes are having on current and future vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics.

10/9/2020: This Need to Know provides an overview of the various ways in which the Supreme Court could decide the ACA’s future, and what a second term Trump Administration or first term Biden Administration could do to lessen the impact of the law being overturned.

9/3/2020: This Need To Know provides an overview of the fall 2020 legislative agenda.

8/28/2020: This Need To Know compares the health care plans of the Democratic and Republican party platforms.

8/21/2020: This Need To Know compares the health care proposals of the Democratic Party’s 2020 and 2016 platforms.

5/27/2020: This Need to Know provides an overview of the temporary provisions of the four coronavirus relief bills enacted this far as well as their respective expiration dates.

4/28/2020: This week’s Need to Know provides an overview of how COVID-19 has changed Congress so far, what changes may lie ahead, and barriers to such changes.

4/23/2020: The three new oversight mechanisms that will be used to track the execution of CARES Act and other oversight issues related to the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

4/16/2020: Federal and state guidance on the postponement of elective procedures in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic and the implications for hospitals and patients

4/8/2020: Discussion of the Administration’s decision not to establish a special enrollment period on the federal ACA marketplace to cover the treatment of uninsured coronavirus patients as well as reactions from health care stakeholders.

4/1/2020: Overview of how small businesses, including some hospitals and medical practices, can access forgivable loans to make up for revenue losses related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

3/20/2020: Overview of steps taken by Congress and the Administration to waive or loosen telehealth restrictions since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2/21/2020: Overview of federal and state government actions to incentivize the adoption of telehealth.

1/24/2020: Overview of key committee leaders who are stepping down or retiring and the members most likely to succeed them in the next Congress.

11/8/2019: Overview of negotiations on FY 2020 spending and the hurdles facing congressional appropriators as they work to avert a shutdown.

10/11/2019: Summaries of key provisions of the Trump Administration’s executive order on Medicare, which was signed on October 3rd.

10/4/2019: The status of all CMS Innovation Center payment and delivery models launched in 2019.

9/6/2019: A brief overview of pending health care legislation as Congress returns to Washington.

8/30/2019: A preview of this fall’s legislative agenda.

8/23/2019: An overview of the Trump Administration’s efforts to improve price transparency.

8/16/2019: A preview of a proposed rule on changes to the anti-kickback statute, which is expected to be issued this fall.

8/11/2019: An overview of where the Democratic presidential candidates stand on health care, with a focus on access to health insurance, prescription drug prices, and rural health.

8/2/2019: A preview of CMS’ forthcoming proposed rule on changes to the Stark Law.

7/3/2019: A recap of court action on Texas v. Azar.

6/2/2019: Proposals to address looming cuts to Medicaid DSH payments.

3/22/2019: Spending caps, the debt ceiling, and the congressional budget process for FY 2020.

11/9/2018: An overview of what to expect from Congress in 2019.

11/7/2018: A recap of results from the 2018 midterm election and charts highlighting new Democratic and Republican members of Congress plus outstanding races.

10/30/2018: A preview of the lame duck agenda for 2018 plus a chart highlighting completed legislation in all post-midterm lame duck sessions since 1994.

5/30/2018: A recap of the Medicare Part B Competitive Acquisition Program that was discontinued by CMS in 2008.

5/11/2018: The Trump administration’s drug pricing plan.

5/8/2018: The White House’s initial rescissions package.

12/8/2017: A brief refresher of conference committee rules and procedures.

10/4/2017: A comparison of the FY 2018 House and Senate budget resolutions.

10/3/2017: A summary of the House health package with CHIP extension, Medicaid DSH relief, and other extensions of FY 2017 expired policies.

9/5/2017: Active health care bills in the 115th Congress.

8/4/2017: The interim report from the President’s Opioid Commission.

8/3/2017: A look at the recently-formed Problem Solvers Caucus made up of 40 Republican and Democratic House members.

7/6/2017: 12 recommendations from a recent OIG report on how HHS programs can be cut, changed, or improved.

6/28/2017: The latest on the Better Care for Reconciliation Act.

6/23/2017: A snapshot of industry and stakeholder positions on the American Health Care Act.

6/9/2017: The latest showdown over the debt ceiling.

5/23/2017: The President’s FY 2018 Budget Request, with a focus on HHS’ budget priorities.

5/10/2017: The key senators to watch in the debate over the American Health Care Act.

4/27/2017: The issues driving the drug pricing debate plus potential solutions.

3/30/2017: The health legislative agenda in 2017.

3/29/2017: A review of the ACA’s future, including Medicaid expansion, the Administration’s agenda, and Congressional efforts to repair, repeal, or replace.

2/15/2017: CBO’s scoring of the ACA and other factors influencing the health care debate.

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