Gonzalez’s Expertise on Coalition Building Featured by NILE

Ariel Gonzalez moderates a panel on coalition building, an event sponsored by The National Institute on Lobbying and Ethics (NILE).  In this video, Ariel draws on his 20+ years in building and leading coalitions to discuss best practices on third-party advocacy/development and how to build a functioning coalition.  NILE is the premier trade association for the lobbying and government affairs profession focused on promoting ethical lobbying and continuing education.

Gonzalez Named Top Lobbyist by The National Institute for Lobbying and Ethics

The National Institute for Lobbying and Ethics named Ariel Gonzalez as one of the Top Lobbyists for 2021.  This merit-based distinction spotlights professionals that showed significant success in 2021, took an innovative approach to their field, and demonstrated commitment to give back to their community and profession, as well as adherence to the highest ethical standards. The list is comprised of lobbyists, PAC managers, and grassroots professionals that have been nominated by their colleagues, Congressional staff, or clients for their outstanding work.

Gonzalez Named to the Board of Directors for the Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance

The Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance (MMHLA) has named Ariel Gonzalez, principal, to their Board of Directors.  MMHLA is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the mental health of childbearing people in the United States by advocating for mental health during pregnancy and the year following pregnancy with a focus on federal legislation, and by sharing information about these conditions with others in the fields of maternal-child healthcare and mental health.  In his role, Ariel will provide leadership to MMHLA as they raise awareness about maternal mental health (MHH) conditions, reducing their stigma and improving health outcomes for mothers and babies. He will draw upon his experience in the mental health and maternal health arenas from his past leadership with the American Psychiatric Association and the March of Dimes.

Bell: What to Expect in 2021

Check out the latest video interview from the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys’ Federal Advocacy Committee co-chairs with Jennifer Bell of Chamber Hill Strategies and NAELA’s Director of Advocacy, David M. Goldfarb, on what members can expect inside the beltway in 2021; how NAELA navigated advocacy during the COVID-19 crisis; and more!