Top Lobbyists 2020: Hired Guns | December 12, 2020

131 & Counting: Women Congressional Staff and Women in Public Policy Retreat | October 2, 2019

Jennifer Bell, founding partner, presented during “Women at the Helm,” a featured discussion about women going out on their own to open policy shops.  The organization 131 & Counting brings together women congressional staff and women policy professionals to discuss insights into organizational diversity both on and off the Hill; the proliferation of women-owned firms and contractors; and navigate how gender matters in policy areas once mostly exclusive to men.

Federal Health Policy: How It May Affect Your Oncology Program | June 5, 2019

Jennifer Bell, founding partner, along with the oncology strategic planning team at ECG Management Consultants, discussed the evolving reimbursement environment for oncology practices and presented practical solutions in this hour-long webinar.

Medscape: How Can Physicians Use Their Voices to Make an Impact on Healthcare? (VIDEO) | May 10, 2019

In this video, Dr. Alok Patel interviews Jennifer Bell, founding partner, on how physicians can make their voices heard with government officials.  According to Bell, “The federal government has a huge role in paying and regulating healthcare. If your voice isn’t out there, you’re going to take whatever you get. The government is going to decide for you, whether they have your input or not. I’d say that 2020 is not the last time that we need your voice, but it is such a critical year.”

Women & Politics Institute | November 10, 2018

Jennifer Bell, founding partner, presented at the Women and Politics Institute at American University after the historic 2018 elections.  She discussed the role of lobbying in politics at the WeLEAD program, a non-partisan leadership training program that works to increase the number of women working in politics and running for office.

Top Lobbyists 2017: Hired Guns | November 2, 2017

Jennifer Bell, Chamber Hill Strategies

Chamber Hill Strategies honed its focus on health-care policy in 2017, growing new business in a fertile lobbying area.