The world of government affairs and policy is always innovating and changing.  Chamber Hill Strategies is a partner that not only keeps up with that movement, but we also stay ahead of it all to keep you in the lead.  We are former House/Senate/Committee, agency, and Congressional leadership staff who are plugged in to the current landscape.  We have been in your shoes and have served in-house at major associations and corporations in lead government affairs and policy roles.  We know whom to contact and when to ensure that our intelligence and insights are up-to-date.

We are also leaders in creating advocacy campaigns using our skills and expertise to influence political change and drive awareness around issues.  We can rally large and small groups to change how elected officials vote.  We partner with our clients to impact the lives of real people and encourage politicians to listen to the people they represent.  We will work with you each step of the way to help maximize your impact on the Hill, with the administration, and with your internal stakeholders.

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