Federal Health Policy: How It May Affect Your Oncology Program | June 5, 2019

Jennifer Bell, founding partner, along with the oncology strategic planning team at ECG Management Consultants, discussed the evolving reimbursement environment for oncology practices and presented practical solutions in this hour-long webinar.

Medscape: How Can Physicians Use Their Voices to Make an Impact on Healthcare? (VIDEO) | May 10, 2019

In this video, Dr. Alok Patel interviews Jennifer Bell, founding partner, on how physicians can make their voices heard with government officials.  According to Bell, “The federal government has a huge role in paying and regulating healthcare. If your voice isn’t out there, you’re going to take whatever you get. The government is going to decide for you, whether they have your input or not. I’d say that 2020 is not the last time that we need your voice, but it is such a critical year.”

Women & Politics Institute | November 10, 2018

Jennifer Bell, founding partner, presented at the Women and Politics Institute at American University after the historic 2018 elections.  She discussed the role of lobbying in politics at the WeLEAD program, a non-partisan leadership training program that works to increase the number of women working in politics and running for office.

The Atlantic Festival: Women of Washington | October 2, 2018

On October 2, Jenn Higgins, partner, was featured in the Women of Washington series at the Atlantic Festival, formerly known as Washington Ideas.  Now in its 10th year, the festival features discussions with thought leaders across politics, business, technology, and the arts.

The Dallas Post: Health policy strategist Jennifer Higgins to speak at Misericordia University | January 22, 2018

DALLAS TWP. — Washington, D.C. health policy strategist Jennifer Higgins will present, “Waiting for Disruption: A Health Care System on the Brink,” a lecture sponsored by the Medical and Health Humanities Program (MHH) at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 5 in the Catherine Evans McGowan Room of the Mary Kintz Bevevino Library on the campus of Misericordia University.

The lecture is free and open to the public.

Higgins is a partner at Chamber Hill Strategies, Washington, D.C., a public policy and consulting firm regarding federal legislation and political strategies. She helps corporate executives navigate the changing legislative and regulatory landscape. During her time in the nation’s capital, she has represented a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies before Congress and the Administration, serving as principal and partner with two prominent lobbying firms. She also served as an advisor to senior agency officials at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

During her presentation, Higgins will discuss changes underway in the health care marketplace, such as technology innovations involving data analytics and the consumer-oriented offering of more services directly to patients that will change the models of health care service that have been in use since the Hill-Burton Act of the 1940s.

Higgins holds a B.A. in medical economics and ethics from Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina. She also holds a certificate in legislative studies from The Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

Top Lobbyists 2017: Hired Guns | November 2, 2017

Jennifer Bell, Chamber Hill Strategies

Chamber Hill Strategies honed its focus on health-care policy in 2017, growing new business in a fertile lobbying area.

Roll Call: Republicans Look to Make Up Loss of House Women | October 24, 2017

By Simone Pathé

Nearly a fourth of the Republican women in the House aren’t coming back next term.

And another handful could lose competitive re-elections next fall.

Twenty-two GOP women serve as representatives. Five have already announced their departures. The task for Republicans this year may be less about increasing the number of female lawmakers and more about minimizing the party’s losses.

That’s putting pressure on the party that’s always struggled to get female candidates through expensive primaries without anything comparable to EMILY’s List. Democrats have 62 female representatives.

Florida Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is retiring, as is Kansas Rep. Lynn Jenkins. Tennessee Rep. Diane Black and South Dakota Rep. Kristi Noem are running for governor in their respective states. Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn is running for the Senate.

“It doesn’t appear we’re going to be replacing women with women, but I’m not worried about that,” said Jennifer Higgins, chairwoman of Congressional Outreach for Right NOW Women PAC, which supports female GOP candidates.

“What stands out is not quantity but quality,” she said, crediting New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, the first chairwoman of recruitment at the National Republican Congressional Committee, for “pounding the pavement” to look for viable female candidates who can get through primaries.

POLITICO Influence | September 26, 2017

THE TUESDAY PROFILE: Megan Wilson profiles Jenn Higgins in The Hill: “Higgins was raised by a single mother in the pharmaceutical industry in Hillsborough, N.C., and once dreamed of running a hospital. Now she’s a partner at Chamber Hill Strategies, an women-owned lobbying firm that specializes in health care.” “As a woman who is young, who is a minority, I think I felt this need to compensate by knowing policy better than anybody first,” Higgins said. “People talk about access lobbyists and substance lobbyists, and I think you have to be both as a woman.”