How to Rock the Virtual Hill Meeting

By now you’ve probably mastered the virtual work meeting or family get-together, but how about the virtual Hill meeting? While we would all rather be in person, virtual advocacy is here to stay even when COVID-19 is in the rearview mirror. This blog post gives you our top tips for rocking your next congressional advocacy meeting.

The “Dark Money” Pushing for Price Transparency

Dark money was used to influence the legislation to address surprise medical bills. Now, dark money is behind a television ad calling for greater enforcement of a final rule on price transparency for hospitals. This blog post takes a look at who may be funding price transparency ad, and why they feel it’s important.

The Week in Review: April 26-30

The American Families Plan … Updated Guidance for Masking Outdoors … Proposed IPPS for FY22 … New Congressional Seats … DC’s Newest Underground Tunnel.

Meet Deema Tarazi, Spartan and Health Care Advocate

Deema Tarazi, Senior Associate at Chamber Hill Strategies, launched her career in government relations shortly after graduating from the Michigan State University College of Law. In this blog post, Deema talks about her experience both in federal and state-level advocacy.

The Most Important Health Care Bill You’ve Probably Forgotten

The Medicare and Medicaid Act.  The Affordable Care Act.  These are the landmark laws that have irrevocably shaped America’s health care system.  However, there’s another law that’s made just as much of an impact on health care but hasn’t garnered attention in the last 20 years.  It’s called the Hill-Burton Act, and it’s poised to […]

The Week in Review: April 19-23

ACIP’s New JNJ Meeting … Violations at JNJ Contractor … Drop in COVID Vaccinations? … Stivers’ Retirement … DC’s New WWI Memorial … and more.

Meet Ariel Gonzalez, Advocacy Expert and Basketball Coach

Ariel Gonzalez, Principal at Chamber Hill Strategies, has observed Washington change dramatically over the past two decades. In this blog post, he shares what he’s learned and how he helps clients navigate Capitol Hill in 2021.

What Does the Rise of SPACs Mean for Health Care?

Special private acquisition companies (SPACs) are the hottest new investment vehicle for investors looking to take a company public. More and more SPACs are targeting companies in the health care space which could mean a big source of cash in for-profit medicine.

The Week in Review: April 12-16

JNJ Pause … Bill to Expand SCOTUS … Brady’s Retirement … Polling Errors in 2020 … The Worst State … and more.

5 Things to Know about In-Person Advocacy

Will we get back to in-person meetings on Capitol Hill?  When??  How?  COVID-19 is still around, even as the country’s mood is lightening about the overall impact of the virus.  And the safety and security of lawmakers and staff are of top-of-mind after the deadly January 6 riot and April 2 attempt at breaching the […]