Can Congress Band Together?


Welcome back to Washington, DC the town which continues to provide as much drama as Hollywood but without the glitz and glamour.  The weather remains mild, but the heat is on for the Biden Administration and Congress to come to an agreement on a supplemental funding package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.  As per the […]

Navigating the Capitol: A Look Ahead at Congress’s December Agenda


Good morning and welcome from Washington, DC where Members of Congress return to work this week to face a few weeks of varying agendas depending on whether they sit in the Senate or the House. We hope our readers enjoyed a restful week and are back energized and ready to go!  Your author was able […]

Washington’s Dichotomy: Honoring Veterans Amidst Government Funding Gridlock


Good morning from Washington, DC where we continue to simultaneously inspire and disappoint. This past weekend we honored our nation’s veterans.  Chamber Hill Strategies would like to thank all of those currently serving, as well as all of those who served.  We salute you! We are just a few days away from running out of […]

AI, Funding Bills, and Bipartisan Hopes


Good morning from Washington DC and welcome back after a week which the House of Representatives elected a new Speaker of the House, Representative Mike Johnson (R-La.)!  After much fanfare and internal squabbling, House Republicans came together last week and decided to move forward in a collegial (almost friendly) manner to select the new Speaker.  […]

International Crisis and Washington in Limbo


Good morning from Washington DC where the leaves are beginning to signal the change of the season while much remains the same in the House of Representatives. Last night your author took his seven-year-old son and four-year-old daughter to “Boo at the Zoo” held at Smithsonian’s National Zoo.  The logjam and chaos ensued when trying […]

Political Gridlock, International Tensions, and NFL Upsets


Good Morning and welcome from Washington D.C. where Congress adverted shutdown several weeks ago and is still in gridlock like D.C. traffic on the beltway.  Tension continues to rise from the horrific attacks on Israeli citizens more than a week ago. The Republican House still has not elected a Speaker and has had as many […]

House Speaker Race Intensifies Amidst Global Turmoil


Good morning from a frazzled Washington, DC following a three-day weekend where not much has changed – but everything has at the same time.  Much like my six-year-old son in his almost empty jiujitsu class last night due to the holiday, the House is the only game in town.  Just as my son has previously […]

The Weekly Update: Congress’s Last-Minute Save


Good morning and welcome from Washington, DC where Congress averted a government shutdown just in time for government employees to return to work today (and actually get paid for it).  Only in Washington can you meet the minimum standards of your basic job and somehow attempt to take credit for it. In other developments, today […]

The Weekly Update 9/25/2023


Good morning from Washington (Texas style) where we had a hurricane sitting on the DMV area and the Commanders and Cowboys both lost games in which they should have been more competitive. The fall blues are coming to Congress fast, as doom and gloom appears imminent as the government is set to shut down on […]