Navigating Healthcare Transparency: Administration’s Push for Medicare Advantage Clarity

Navigating Healthcare Transparency: Administration's Push for Medicare Advantage Clarity

Medicare beneficiaries are often uninformed on prices, supplemental benefits, and the use of prior authorization in their Medicare Advantage (MA) plans.  In a landscape where healthcare decisions can feel opaque, transparency could empower patients in navigating the Medicare Advantage program. New initiatives and regulations by HHS and CMS are working to enhance transparency within Medicare […]

How is HIPAA Enforced and Will Congress Expand it?

Health data privacy

In today’s digital age, the protection of sensitive health information has become a priority for Congress. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a federal law enacted in 1996, has long been the cornerstone of health data privacy in the United States. HIPAA sets the national standards for health data privacy and security, ensuring […]

Examining Health Insurance Coverage Disparities by Race and Ethnicity

Health data privacy

 The KFF report on Health Coverage by Race and Ethnicity underscores the crucial role of health insurance coverage in accessing healthcare services and mitigating excessive medical expenses. This blog post summarizes the report’s findings. Persistent Disparities in Coverage The KFF report reveals that disparities in coverage have been entrenched over time and, in some instances, […]

Not Just Another Election Year Blog Series: The ACA and the 2024 Election

Not Just Another Election Year Blog Series: The ACA and the 2024 Election

Not Just Another Election Year Blog Series: The ACA and the 2024 Election This blog post kicks off a series on health care policy and the 2024 election. Unless you are living under a rock, or in a state of denial, you probably realize there will be an election in 2024.  When many people think […]

Meet Stacey Rampy: Seasoned Health Care and Appropriations Government Affairs Specialist

We spoke with Stacey Rampy, Principal at Chamber Hill Strategies, about the value of bipartisanship, the current political environment, and what she is tracking as we start the new year. You have several years of experience working on health care policy, both in Congress and in the private sector. What professional accomplishments are you proudest […]

Jen Holland: Leading with Purpose

Join us for an insightful conversation with Jen Holland, Chief of Staff at Chamber Hill Strategies, as she reflects on leadership philosophies and her unique journey to the dynamic world of politics and advocacy.  What drew you to Chamber Hill Strategies?   I was attracted to the firm by its founding partner Jennifer Bell, her vision, […]

How does MedPAC work: A study in physician payments

How MedPAC works physician payment system

A recent post came out saying, “How Out Of Touch is MedPAC? – They Are Recommending ONLY a 1.25% Payment Rate Increase for Physicians for 2024” – and it made us think, maybe some folks don’t know how MedPAC works?  We wanted to give a little inside baseball to explain the MedPAC Medicare payment update […]

What Happened, What You Missed: December 11-15, 2023

HHS Finalizes Rule on Interoperability, AI Transparency  A newly finalized rule from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) marks the federal government’s first attempt to regulate the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in health care.  Specifically, the rule establishes transparency requirements for AI and predictive algorithms that are used to support clinical decision […]