Jen Holland: Leading with Purpose

Join us for an insightful conversation with Jen Holland, Chief of Staff at Chamber Hill Strategies, as she reflects on leadership philosophies and her unique journey to the dynamic world of politics and advocacy. 

What drew you to Chamber Hill Strategies?  

I was attracted to the firm by its founding partner Jennifer Bell, her vision, and the award-winning advocacy services that Chamber Hill Strategies provides for our clients. Jennifer embodies the qualities I value in a leader – integrity, passion and a deep commitment to excellence.  

The prospect of working for a woman-owned firm particularly appealed to me. As the firm expands into new service offerings, I am excited to play a central role in the firm’s continued growth and client success. 

What leadership styles do you value the most and how have they impacted you?  

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to hold diverse positions that have provided me with an up-close perspective on senior leadership in various organizations. A valuable lesson I’ve gained is that the traits of a strong leader transcend industries. Excellence resides in the attention to detail and effective communication. Successful leaders articulate their vision with clarity and kindness. When combined, these qualities not only empower teams but also serve as powerful motivators. 

What’s some of the best career advice that you’ve received?  

Always recognize the significance of relationships. The most fulfilling aspects of my professional journey have revolved around connections—some developing into long-standing professional relationships, and some being brief and seemingly inconsequential, yet profoundly memorable. The world is teeming with fascinating individuals, and by taking the time to understand their stories, your life will be enriched. 

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I love kicking back with a good book in my free time—whether it’s a lazy weekend or a chill evening. It’s my go-to way to unwind and escape into different worlds, bringing a bit of joy and relaxation to my days. I especially like biographies which permit me to learn in detail about accomplished people. I also love to travel and recently traveled to Portugal, a lovely country with amazing food, centuries of history, and friendly people. 



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