Chamber Hill Strategies Introduces “That Said”


Harry Truman famously said that if you want a friend in Washington, then you should get a dog.  That said, if you want to know what’s going on in Washington, then here’s your blog.

Welcome to the blog series by Chamber Hill Strategies called “That Said.”  Our blog focuses on what we do best –

  • telling you the latest about health care policymaking in DC
  • giving you insights into what’s happening and why it matters, and
  • sharing with you our proven methods to make you more effective advocates.

We opened our firm 10 years ago, right after the Affordable Care Act was signed into law.  Since then, we’ve had 3 Presidents, 5 confirmed HHS Secretaries, 6 congressional sessions, and divided and unified party power along the way.  All throughout, Chamber Hill Strategies has kept our clients up-to-speed and ahead-of-the-curve.

A lot has changed in 10 years, but the need for information, insight, and practical and actionable advice hasn’t.

So welcome to “That Said” by Chamber Hill Strategies.  We may not be able to find you a dog, but we are pretty sure you’ll find a blog worth reading.

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