Zach Schulz: Passion for Policy and Public Service

We caught up with our associate Zach Schulz to learn what drives him and why he is so valuable to our clients.

1. What are some of the highlights of your career?

The primary focus of my career has always been centered around this question: What can I do to bring about the change I wish to see and help people? Running for the State House in Iowa provided me with a valuable experience. Despite not securing a victory, the journey allowed me to learn extensively about the needs of constituents and connect with a multitude of amazing individuals. During my tenure in Senator Grassley’s (R-IA) office, a notable aspect of my role involved managing constituents’ calls and correspondence. The direct interaction with constituents helped me gain a deeper understanding of their needs. Listening to constituents amplified the importance of our legislative work, making the process of passing legislation feel even more crucial and impactful.

2. At what age did you realize your passion for politics and advocacy, and what sparked that interest?

I’ve been interested in history for as long as I can remember, and so I think the jump from history to politics was natural. My interest in political advocacy began when I checked out a book from the library on how to impact change in your community, and it flipped a switch in me. I knew from that moment on that politics was where I wanted to be, and I’ve felt the same way since.

3. When thinking about work, what excites you?

Getting answers. I love to help clients by getting into the weeds of policy research and finding the answers to any questions they have. It’s the challenge of diving deep into the details, understanding the intricacies, and delivering valuable solutions that truly drives my passion for the work. The satisfaction of providing clients with the clarity and information they need keeps me motivated and enthusiastic about every project.

4. Why did you leave the Hill, what motivated you to join the private Industry?

Working for Senator Grassley’s office was an incredible experience; it was and is an exceptional office, and the work was more than fulfilling. Despite my deep appreciation for the work I did in government, I found myself seeking new avenues to expand my skills. I developed a profound interest in healthcare policy while working there. To explore this passion further, I made the

decision to transition to the private sector, eager to view healthcare policy through a different lens outside of the government.

5. What’s one important question that I haven’t asked you yet?

I would ask if I see myself finding a passion for a policy area other than healthcare. And to that, I answer that my passion for healthcare policy started as a passion for public policy in general. I find passion in healthcare because I found it’s a great avenue to help enact large-scale change that can help a lot of people. That doesn’t mean that healthcare is the only policy area I can do that with. I have recently found myself getting more into energy policy as well. So, I can see myself having a wider range of policy expertise in the future, but healthcare policy will always be something I love.

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